When can one be disqualified from Benefiting from Medicare Advantage Plan?

Just like any other application to be admitted in a particular institution, enrolling for Medicare Advantage has limitations as well. There are a number of barriers that can bar one from benefiting or even enrolling in and being accommodated in Medicare Advantage Plan. There are a number of requirements which if not attained or satisfied, may bar one from being enrolled and even from benefiting from the Medicare Advantage plans.

The first factor that can bar one is the fact that you must score above the required mark. In normal cases, a person wishing to enroll in Medicare advantage plan needs to fill a medical questionnaire that is crucial for determining ones eligibility. In normal cases, an individual is expected to score above the mark stated in the minimum requirement section. The failure to score as required in the medical questionnaire will lead you towards being disqualified. The medical score is one of the barriers that is crucial and the failure to achieve this is a source of disqualification.

Registering with another parent Medicare Advantage 2019 plan will also lead you into being disqualified. The parent health scheme in this case is the original Medicare plan. With that idea, it is important to ensure that you have not registered in any other parent Medicare plan if you are based in the United States. For those who have been found to have enrolled in another parent plant, it is has been difficult for them to be registered with the Advantage Medicare plan.

The application for Medicare advantage plan will be turned down automatically if the time in which all applications were being received have elapsed. This is just like saying that you cannot apply to be part and even benefit from this plan if you have brought in your applications later than the deadline slotted for the application. With that idea in mind, it is crucial to make sure that the application is always placed within the allocated time period. Failure to which will disqualify you from being eligible for Medicare Advantage plan.

One can also be disqualifies from applying for a Medicare Advantage plan if he/she is not a U.S citizen. This is basically because Medicare Advantage is meant for U.S citizens only. This means that people who have not been considered as U.S citizens may not be eligible to apply for this plan.